Using Keratin Smoothing Treatments to Achieve the Perfect Updo

Using Keratin Smoothing Treatments to Achieve the Perfect Updo

A keratin smoothing treatment is something popularly used on wavy or frizzy hair to smooth it out and straighten it. The treatment is made up of a mix of chemicals and substances, one of which is the keratin protein. A very popular hair treatment today it is commonly used for various reasons including by an upstyle artist to achieve that perfectly styled look for a special event like a wedding for example. There has been some recent controversy over the treatment though. Here we will look at what that is about and how to have it done safely if you do choose to do it.

What is the problem with a keratin smoothing treatment?

There are a lot of people, men as well as women, who have had the smoothing treatment and had no problems or ill effects from it at all. Their hair has looked smooth and sleek after the treatment as it should and was easy to manage and style, rather than being un-tamable and unruly. However, there are several strong chemicals in the treatment that have been linked to concerns like cancer and respiratory illnesses from inhaling the fumes.

Is the keratin itself harmful?

There is nothing concerning about the keratin. This is actually a natural protein that already can be found in nails, teeth, skin and of course your hair. It aids in healing damaged hair and protects it. If you have damaged hair from a lot of styling or dying, have split roots, dry hair, keratin can help heal that. It is put in the smoothing treatment to try and protects your hair from the damage the strong chemicals can do, that are what do the actual smoothing.

Should I avoid using the treatment?

When an upstyle artist is working on your hair he or she needs it to be as smooth as possible so that it is possible to do their work. If you are having the keratin smoothing treatment done for a special occasion like a wedding or red carpet event and it is not something you do regularly you can opt to have it done. Just make sure you and your stylist wear masks over your face and that it is done in a room that has a lot of ventilation. Problems have come from when the upstyle artist or hairdresser has not followed the rules on using the product correctly.

How to get keratin benefits without the chemicals

If you use something like shampoo or conditioner with keratin in it you can get some of the benefits this way. It will help repair and even smooth frizzy hair. However, you will not be able to straighten curly hair using it. There is no risk just using keratin in such a way and it is is good for all hair types, long, short, dry, greasy, straight, frizzy or curly.

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