No one knows what is coming next in fashion. If you want to maintain your wardrobe, you should know about the fashion trends that are latest. From Milan and Paris to New York and London, people prefer lust-worthy looks and unique costumes.

Below mentioned are the latest fashion trends that you can consider when you go out shopping.

  1. Bike Shorts with Blazers

A trend, athleisure, continues providing its current offering along with its stylish outfits. The bike shorts look perfect with the blazers. It offers a fresh blend of tailoring and sportswear; the look is chic and striking.

The dressing is not suitable for the gym or office, but this costume is perfect for attending the Sunday lunch or strutting the streets with any person whom you know. So try once as it is among the latest fashion trends in 2019.

  1. Animal Instincts

There is bold and wildly printed animal instinct on various costumes, considers the latest fashion trend. For most of the people, leopard print is fantastic than other copies, printed on a diversity of garments like suits, dresses, coats, pants, etc. to unleash the jungle cat within you or to follow the lead of the famous females; you can choose striking and strong designs with bright and bold colors. You should consider the leopard print look with something like a jumpsuit or a dress. You can also take leopard printed shoes or bag if you feel playful.

  1. Boiler Suits

It is famous nowadays that in all the fashion cities, the functional designs are emerging. Boiler suits are unique and fashionable as well as they are trendy currently. To make yourself up to date about the latest fashion trends, you should choose a cut and color that matches your personality. There is a variety of long sleeved jumpsuits present in a considerable number of beautiful and fantastic styles. So, there is a large variety, and you can choose what you like the most.

  1. Lavender Tones

In 2018, the ultraviolet color was the Pantone color of the year, but in this year 2019, the street style stars prefer using a soft take trending in this season. There are multiple shades of the lavender tones; the fashion experts say that the perfectly stylish color is light pink. You can wear this color in the form of coats, dresses, boots, bags or other things.  It adds a lovely touch to your looks; you should try it once you look unique according to latest fashion trends.

  1. Puff Shoulders

The minimal trend of puff shoulders is once and for all, the year involves people that wear lashings of fabric. With the oversize silhouettes and bold ruffles, it results in the puff shoulders on both blouses and dresses. It is stylish and striking, the puff shoulders and sleeves add a unique look to your modern style.

These are the top 5 up to date fashion trends in 2019 that are quite famous, and you will look different when you try once.

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