Tips for Extending the Life of Your Clip-In Hair Extensions

Tips for Extending the Life of Your Clip-In Hair Extensions

There’s nothing worse than investing in beautiful clip-in hair extensions, only for them to end up matted and lacking in shine.

If you wear or are planning to wear your clip-in hair extensions on a regular basis, it means they’re going to be exposed to a number of products and styling tools, which will eventually take their toll.

To ensure that your hair extensions stay in immaculate condition, here are a few tips that will help.

Top Tips for Caring for your Clip-In Extensions

Don’t wash your hair extensions too often

It’s important to remember that your clip-in extensions don’t benefit from your scalp’s natural oils, which is why it’s best to wash them as infrequently as you can to stop them from drying out. Depending on the type of styling products you use, you only need to wash your clip-in hair extensions every 4 – 6 weeks.  When you do wash them, be sure to brush them out before washing them in lukewarm water – this will prevent any tangling. Distribute the shampoo in a downward motion and make sure that you don’t scrub or twist the clip as this could damage the extensions as well as the clip. Use a sulphate-free conditioner to condition the extensions from the mid-shaft to the tips. A leave-in conditioner can provide an extra boost of moisture and is a good idea every other month.

Don’t use a hairdryer

While a hairdryer may speed up the drying process, it’s better to let your clip-in hair extensions from Jadore Hair Supplies Australia dry naturally. Once you have patted them dry, gently run your fingers through them and let them dry naturally before you brush them out. If you need to dry your clip-in extensions in a hurry, always use a heat protection spray before you switch on a hairdryer. Not only will a protection spray stop your hair from drying out and breaking but it will give it a nice shine afterwards too.

De-Tangle Before You Store

Before you store your new clip-in hair extensions, make sure that they’re clean and free from any tangles, making it easier for you to just clip them in again when you’re ready. If you are washing your extensions before you store them, make sure that you’ve thoroughly washed off all the shampoo and conditioner to prevent any buildup. Your extensions should also be 100% dry before you store them to prevent mildew and a musty smell from developing. Fortunately, if you’ve purchased 100% Remy hair extensions, there is much less chance of matting and tangling occurring but it’s still important to check before you store them.

With the right care and attention, your extensions can be one of the best additions to your collection of must-have beauty products. If you want further advice on how to apply and care for your new clip-in hair extensions, head to a reputable salon so that they can take you through the dos and don’ts.

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