Things to Consider When Choosing Sports Bra for Running

Things to Consider When Choosing Sports Bra for Running

We should probably skip the part where we tell each other why women should wear a sports bra while running because it’s pretty obvious. For the sake of guys who can’t exactly relate because it’s so easy to just put on your trainers and run around, it’s not the case for women. Their 300g breasts make running uncomfortable and hard. Especially for women a little bigger than average. A rigorous movement like running strains the supportive ligament of Astley Cooper that holds the breasts in place. Eventually, the breast sags after a while. So when you are choosing your sports bra to help you keep those boobs in place, these are some things you should consider, and the first of them is to buy your bras from a trusted store like not because of any other reason but for the sake of quality and effectiveness.

What size of sports bra should you buy?

There are no exact steps to buying the sports bra that fits you most. The easiest way to start if you’ve not worn one before is to go with the bra size that you normally have. However, you should be open to other styles and sizes. Different sports bras style fit in different ways so make effort to try different brands; there will be those ones that fit you better than others.

Does it fit?

When you find the right size, the easiest way to know if it fits is to observe the back band. If it consistently goes around on the same level, it is okay but if it sags it’s probably big.

The sports bra your wear should give you some space and at the same time, it shouldn’t be too tight because you need adequate ventilation during exercise. A sports bra that compresses your chest is not ideal. It should at least expand enough to accommodate a finger beneath the band.

Signs your sports bra doesn’t fit

Watch out for the following signs to know whether it is supportive of your exercises or not.

As said earlier if the strap sags behind your back or rides up, it isn’t the best fit. If it’s too tight, if it takes significant effort to stretch the hook, then it’s too tight. The band is what does the actual support, so it shouldn’t be too tight or lose; just tight enough.

If it causes chest or back pain, then it doesn’t fit. If after you have worn it for a while, you feel pain in your back or breasts, then you’re not wearing a bra that provides adequate support.

If the straps are pinching into your body, it isn’t the right style.

The styles available

Generally, there are two major categories of sports bra, including

  • The compression bras that put pressure on your breasts pressing it against your body.
  • The encapsulated bras that like a cup, holds individual breasts.

The best way to know the shape and style that suits you best is by trial. Consider the shape and size of your breasts. Compression bras generally work better for women above average size, but this is subjective.

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