Pink Diamond Engagement Ring: 5 Reasons Why It’s The Best Choice

Pink Diamond Engagement Ring: 5 Reasons Why It’s The Best Choice

People often associate the color pink with femininity and beauty. Therefore, if you want to speak love and beauty to your spouse, then a pink diamond engagement ring is definitely the best choice.

While second in terms of price with pure diamonds in the lead, pink diamonds are romantic and beautiful. The rare pink color in diamonds gives it its hefty price tag. However, many celebrities, top designers, collectors, and even royal families use pink diamonds for their gala and wedding accessories.

Should you choose a pink diamond ring? Yes, you should. Any spouse who receives a shining, fancy pink diamond engagement ring will definitely swoon and love you for eternity.

Why Choose Pink Diamonds?

Fancy and Elegant

Pink is a subtle yet a color full of character. It is fancy and elegant and maintains a sophisticated attitude. It is a color instantly recognizable in almost any setting.

Therefore, an attention-grabbing pink diamond engagement ring is a great choice for any wedding. It will stand out in your engagement surprise video quite quickly.

True enough, pink diamonds will give any hand a beautiful, glamorous makeover. The carat doesn’t matter because almost any lady will love a pink and rare accessory.

Subtle and Feminine

Despite standing out, the pink color has a way of becoming subtly important. Pink diamonds have different shades, but none of them are too bright to look too obnoxious in any setting. True enough, they will grab attention, and on the other hand, they will become barely noticeable over time.

Choosing pink rather than red shows a tasteful side in both the groom and fiancé. Red diamonds are fiery and too attention seeking. On the other hand, pink diamond engagement rings show sophistication and a choice stone with enough characteristic and subtlety.

More Affordable and Meaningful Than Pure Diamonds

Pink diamonds come from different countries including Australia, Russia, Canada, Tanzania, Brazil, and Russia.  However, most of them come from Australia. Fortunately, because some laboratories grow their pink diamonds, the prices have gone down.

Pink diamonds, as with all diamonds, form inside the Earth’s mantle subject to extreme heat and other compressing conditions. Therefore, the age of pink diamonds and other stones can be millennia.

Pure diamonds are the most expensive. Second are pink diamonds. However, clarity isn’t always important, and pink diamonds symbolize eternal foundation and flexibility. With this in check, any couple will want this quality in their long-term relationship.

Comes in Different Shades

Pink diamonds have nine different shade levels. These shades vary in color intensity. For example, there’s a faint pink diamond, which is quite expensive because it has clarity yet it is quite transparent in nature. Meanwhile, “fancy pink diamonds” exude the actual pinkish color that you picture pink diamonds to be in your head.

On the other hand, you have “fancy intense” and “fancy vivid” shades of pink diamonds that have their respective reddish characteristics that exude intensity. Deeper into the tone and saturation are “fancy deep” and “fancy dark” shades that are beautiful in their respective ways.

Easy to Pair With Any Outfit

Blue and pink diamonds virtually share the same characteristics. Both the materials are subtle yet sophisticated in their appearance. It is their character and not their color that calls for attention.

In this light, these characteristics make them effective accessories that can accompany any outfit or look of the wearer.

Wrapping Up

Undeniably, pink diamonds have their respective characteristics that make them shine even brighter than expensive, plain pure diamonds. Symbolizing eternal foundation and flexibility, a pink diamond engagement ring is truly an excellent choice for anyone planning to propose to the love of their life.

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