How Wedding Theme Dictates Guests Fashion Choices

How Wedding Theme Dictates Guests Fashion Choices

Theme weddings are more popular than ever. We expect the coming year to see many unusual and beautiful wedding parties. Some couples announce a theme for a pre-wedding party or the reception. However, more couples are allowing the theme to dictate the entire day. One reason for this is the inconvenience for the guests who want to participate but find themselves needing to change into their costume between the wedding and the reception.

Letting your guests know the plan

Once you have decided on a theme wedding, the challenge is letting guests know. The obvious way to enlighten them is to add a line on the invitations noting “Dress Code” or “Attire Requests.” You can add it to your wedding social website and include the website address.

While most couples do not request their guests wear full costumes, explaining that the theme is “Garden Party” will give them enough information not to wear high heels and cocktail dresses. If the theme is “Royal Wedding” it is best to have a Black Tie or after six attire. Some couples have the wedding party and attendants in costume and instruct the guest to wear a particular color. This is a good idea. A guest may refuse to come if you want everyone to dress like Garden Gnomes, but they will not mind wearing white.

Holiday themes

A holiday-themed wedding is magical. The groom dressed as Father Christmas and an Ice Princess gown of white with fur and sparkles is lovely. If you want to make it a gala affair, have a late afternoon wedding and specify formal attire. It is not difficult for men to wear suits with red bow ties or for women to select a perfect dress for the event that she will wear again. Azazie has the perfect dress for the holidays.

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Traditional wedding items that adapt well to themes

Most theme weddings allow the bride to look like a princess. They are very romantic. Before you start buying things to make your theme come alive, go to your bridal store. Diamond white gowns that shimmer and sparkle, cathedral length trains, beautiful floral wreaths, tiaras, and veils that are fit for any fairy tail are available. White capes trimmed in faux fur draped around the shoulders and white gloves that reach the elbow bring a Victorian, Royalty, or Ice Princess look to life.

Bridesmaid Dresses

You can easily work with the trending colors of the coming year and stay within your theme. For the two trends we are addressing (garden party or holiday) there are some beautiful options available.

The colors you will see are deep and warm. Deep red, burgundy, and rust are the colors of the year. Metallic fabric is lovely. Ivory dresses with full skirts of any length with an overlay of blue, silver or gold will allow your bridesmaids to prepare your guests for the main attraction.

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Other theme ideas

Planning a wedding is not easy, but planning a theme wedding can be even more challenging. Themes usually fall under the category of either fantasy or spiritual. Here are a few themes to consider.

  • Your childhood fantasy of Prince Charming
  • Winter Wonderland
  • A wedding that represents your nationality
  • A wedding that mimics a wedding your ancestors would have had
  • The wedding of the future
  • A Holy Wedding

No matter what you choose, you will be able to pull it off with a bit of research, a quality florist and bridal gown supplier, and the love of your friends and family. This is your wedding so have it your way.

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