How to Wear Your Pearl Bracelets?

How to Wear Your Pearl Bracelets?

Your hands are the second most visible part of your body after your face. Interestingly, your hand expresses more about you than you can imagine. What you wear on your hands play an important role in telling about your personality and preferences. Pearl bracelets are beautiful and enhance your personal statement. It works well with other pieces of jewelry, looks great with all precious metals, and can be worn with both casual and formal wear.

Consider the following points if you want to get the most out of your pearl bracelets.

Bracelet Length

You should measure your wrist circumference when choosing the pearl bracelet’s length. Add an inch to the length for a loose-fit and half an inch for a snug fit.


When it comes to colors, most pearls have white body color, except Tahitian pearls, which are black. Pearls get their luster from the overtone. Some of the most popular pearl hues include rose, ivory, and sparkling white.

Layering Pearl Bracelets

Pearl bracelets are cute and are closely related to femininity. It is recommended to follow these tips to layer them perfectly with your overall looks:

  • Choose a double strand pearl bracelet in your favorite color to create a layered bracelet.

  • When it comes to pairing with casual wear, stack different white pearl bracelets and pair with a single black pearl bracelet or a multicolor bracelet. You will achieve a feminine look.

  • If you want more glamour, choose long strand bracelets. Use a pearl brooch to tie the ends for the perfect look.

  • If you want to create a more formal look, choose bracelets with golden pearls. Silver offers excellent versatility and can be worn to both formal and non-formal occasions. You can also pair them with bangle bracelets.

  • For a simpler look, layer several pearl bracelets and add a single charm pearl bracelet in between.

  • If you want your pearl bracelet to pop, it is recommended to wear cubic zirconia bangles along with several bracelets. In fact, you can also wear this to a formal occasion.

So make sure to consider all these points when you choose and wear your pearl bracelets. It is recommended to continue reading this for more suggestions.

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