A critical factor and condition in buying diamonds is the shape and the layout. Ideally, you want to make sure that you check the shape and the settings very well before making any purchases. Taking the consent of your gal is very important in this process, so that you don’t go ahead and buy something that she is not happy about.

Asking questions and doing enquiries should all go ahead first. You want to make sure that the type of engagement ring that you would buy would really shake her heart and make her to love you the more. The engagement ring would be worn by her, so taking the time to know what she wants is always a good step in the process. The following are some diamond shape rings you should consider.

  1. Round Diamond

This often referred as the classic timeless diamond ring. It is very beautiful and attractive. It is rounded and has diamond crystals glowing as it is being worn.

  1. Princess Diamond

She is a princess and you are the prince. So you want her to feel like she is truly your princess. Buying the princess diamond would probably be the best way to go. The princess diamond has square form and is currently the most popular ring types used as engagement rings.

  1. Pear Diamond

The pear diamond is also one of the most beautiful diamond rings to find in the market. They are being cut to take on the shape of a pear. You can contact us for own custom pear diamond engagement rings in the form our shop.

  1. Oval Diamond

Most people simply like oval shape objects. It is not surprising that most people simply like oval diamonds as a result their nice looking egg-like shape. If your partner admires oval rings then you have to look for the categories and shop for an oval diamond ring.

  1. Heart Diamond

We have all heard the phrase, “Sweetheart!” Indeed, she is your sweet heat and you want her to be glad. So buying a heart diamond would also be very fantastic. This would even work well if you have been calling her, “Sweetheart!” A heart diamond takes on the shape of a diamond and you can bet that it would be a good fit when you wear it on her ring.

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