How to Repair Handbag Straps

How to Repair Handbag Straps

Don’t think that just because your favorite purse is broken or got slightly damaged, it is no longer usable and you can just throw it away. Well, don’t! Try repairing it. This article shares some tips on handbag repair.

This guide talks about various solutions and if you have something to add, do share it here with us!

Say you have had a very nice handbag for many years, but it only stayed in the closet because the faux lizard trim on the handle looks ugly due to its wear and tear…or because it got faded. However, you found a very nice belt from the thrift store, so why not, change your handbag’s handle into that nice little belt of yours by ripping off the original handbag and sew the belt? You will get a brand new handbag that is unique!

For obvious reasons, handbag straps are the area of the bag that gets the most stress and is likely to need repairing. So what do you need to do if it is time to repair a broken strap?

The best advice is to always to do preventive measures. When you have a purse that is part fabric, the best is to spray it with a Scotchgard before using it to make sure it is kept clean and new. That way, it stays fresh for a very long time. In fact, why not do that in all of your fabric-made items that get easily soiled?

But what about handbags with metal clasps and rings that hold the strap onto the purse? Don’t worry, there is a solution to that problem.

Buckles and other hard items from old purses can be saved or reused for other things or another purse. So this next guide will tell you how to save or reuse the old buckles and hard items or decors from your old purses.

If in case in one of your purses, you missed or broke the buckle, then the old one from the old bag can be used as a replacement. There really is nothing that you cannot do when it comes to handbag repair – although, this only applies to minor problems, hahaha!

But for major issues, it is really recommended to get the help of handbag repair professionals. If it is stains, tear, or broken handles of your designer handbags or just your favorite purse, why don’t you let the repair company fix that for you?

There are really simple DIY tips that some of you would like to share and that is not mentioned here, just send via comment or email us.

In addition, it is also important to not let the problem stay long before acting on it until it gets worse. Such as bag stains – especially if it is oil-based and ink-based. Immediately fix it right away.

If a tear starts, you also need to do something before the tear gets bigger and bigger. Keep in mind that the sooner you fix the problem, the better your chances of preserving the bag.

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