Help Him Surprise You with the Perfect Engagement Ring

Help Him Surprise You with the Perfect Engagement Ring

You want to be surprised when your man presents you with a ring and proposal. Yet, his taste is not up to par with yours, which is a little worrisome. After all, there is this unique engagement ring you have had your eye on for over a year. You’ve longed for it from a distance so often you’re afraid anything else will disappoint.

But, the last thing you want is to diminish his grand gesture of love and romance and make it all about the ring. After all, an engagement ring is a promise to wed… not a promise to know and purchase your every whim, although that would be a bonus.

There are subtle, and mostly effective, ways to guide him to the ring of your dreams.

Drop breadcrumbs that will lead him to your ring

It’s not about being underhanded. It’s about creating a win-win situation where both of you are happy. He is probably bewildered with the task of selecting the ring you will love that he can afford. He’s the kind of guy who wants to surprise you so how can you gently persuade him to find and buy that unique engagement ring you love.

Lisa Krikawa, award-winning founder/designer of Krikawa Jewelry Designs, has years of experience helping men pick out engagement rings. “Many men settle for a simple solitaire with the knowledge they can upgrade the size and quality of the diamond in the future. This has always been a good plan. However, with the expansive selection that is offered these days, there are styles that surpass the traditional solitaire setting. He is not likely to be in the know. So guiding him along actually helps relieve potential stress on his part.”

  1. Let him stumble onto your vision
    1. Take a few snapshots of the ring and make sure he sees them in your photo gallery.
    2. Leave open a page in a magazine that represents the style you love.
    3. Openly admire the ring when you are both out shopping.
  2. Confide in your best friend
    1. Make sure your friend knows the ins and outs of your preferences, if not the exact ring you have been craving. She may become his shopping partner and will need to know the parameters (setting/stone(s), metal, etc.).
    2. Supply her with photos/images of your favorite along with where it can be purchased.
  3. Exchange wedding preferences with your loved one
    1. You don’t want to ruin a surprise, so be coy… and vague. You have very specific taste in unique engagement rings, so drop hints while discussing how and when a wedding might take place. Be careful not to spoil the upcoming proposal.

After all, you will be married for life – so he needs to understand your personal taste. Some people love geometrics, while others love smooth, sleek lines. Your preferences generally extend outward and can be observed in the car designs, art, décor, clothing, and more.

If He Goes in a Different Direction

In the event he ignores or doesn’t follow the breadcrumbs, he will at the very least be able to select a ring that ticks off your checklist. But… rather than count on that, get a family member or best friend involved. After all, an engagement ring is a big commitment. The price tags are large and its longevity is implied.

Above all, be gracious and accept the ring and proposal with genuine appreciation. There will be time to upgrade or exchange during a significant anniversary in the future.

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