Hair Protection Tips From the Excessive Heat of Hair Straightener

Hair Protection Tips From the Excessive Heat of Hair Straightener

When you imagine a flat iron, you also imagine dryness, roughness, and straw-like texture that come from over-heating! Well, if you’re using a hair straightener the solution is to avoid the too much heat. So, consider here the things that can help you avoid that heat which damages your hair.

Give Break to Your Hair from Heat

Your dry and breaking up hairs are a sign of using excessive heat. If you realize that the thickness of your hair is decreasing, it is a clear indication your hair is over-worked and needs a break from all of the heat. So, forget the flat irons and blow dryers for some time.

Signs That Your Hair is Getting Excessive Heat:

  1. Excessive dryness of scalp
  2. The rough texture of hair
  3. Breaking up hair
  4. Decreasing lump of hair

Try the Right Size Straightener

One size iron doesn’t fit all. So, pay attention to nuances which suits your hair type. Consider the shape, size and type of material it is made up of. Read some Steam Flat iron Reviews before bringing the one for you.

Reduce the Amount of Heat

You should cut the heat you put on your hair when you can. You can consider washing your hair the night before to skip blow dryer, and straightener all together as it gives excessive heat.

Try Lower Temperature

Instead of putting a fix expected temperature; you can try setting the temperature at lowest and then slowly crank it up to get the result you want. Though high heat does the straightening fast, it isn’t always best.

Don’t Use it Daily

One straightening can stay for long. So, you don’t need to straighten your hair every day. Consider some gaps in between weekdays.