Create A Mellow Fall Look With The YSL Couture Eye Shadow

Create A Mellow Fall Look With The YSL Couture Eye Shadow

It’s winter time! Perhaps the lovely time of the year. It’s time for some good looks, some good makeover, some bright colors to wear and some fun of course. When you are topping up your dark blue denim with black or dark brown leather jacket and stylist boots, the get up is not yet complete. Something is missing. Well, it’s the eyes that need a bit of tender care. Create fall look with YSL Couture EyeShadow palette online. Let’s start.

Steps to Create the Fall Look

To create fall look with YSL Couture EyeShadow palette online, follow the steps as given below:

Step 1: Apply eye primer surrounding your eyelid and rub gently. Try to mix it thoroughly with your skin color.

Step 2: Apply copper colored or any nude shaded eye shadow that you prefer on your upper and lower lash line. For the upper lid, take generous amount of eye shadow, while for the lower lid, the eye shadow should create a thin lining. So, use that much of eye shadow as is required.

Step 3: Then, take a nude brown shade or a darker nude shade and put it along your lower lash line of both the eyes. Extend it till your crease. Make use of a blending brush to mix the nude shade till your crease. This will create a dewy effect in your whole face makeup. You can also make use of a fluffy kind of brush to soften the whole makeup of your face at the end.

Step 4: Now, take a champagne colored eye shadow. Make sure that the eye shadow that you choose should have a pearl like effect or a shinny texture. Apply this at the inner corner as well as at the center of your eyes. Pat it properly and then mix it thoroughly.

Step 5: Choose a black eye shadow with matte texture. Now, with this black shade outline your crease line and be careful while applying it on the outer bottom lash line. Again, in case of lower lash line, the black eye shadow should not overlap the inner corner where you have applied the shinny texture. It should start from the middle of the eye and extend till the end of the crease. Blend the color with a blending brush. Try to make out the eyes look smoky.

Step 6: Use an eyeliner pencil or a creamy eyeliner or a liquid eyeliner (whichever you are comfortable at) and outline your eyes. The water line of your eye should not be missed out. Make use of an angled eyeliner brush for creating anborder to your eye. You can create a wing too.

Step 7: Also, you can make use of an eyeliner pencil first and then put liquid liner on top of that. This is long lasting. Either way is possible.

Step 8: If you wish to, you can curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler.

Step 9: Apply a good amount of mascara to your eyelashes. This makes your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Step 10: Take a brow pencil and reshape your brows. And, you are done with a nude fall look! Don’t forget to paint your lips red or maroon or brown.