Celebrating Christmas Following Death In The Family: How To Cope And Start New Traditions

Celebrating Christmas Following Death In The Family: How To Cope And Start New Traditions

Christmas time is a holiday where families gather to be merry and celebrate. Sadly, celebrations and traditions can change when something as traumatic as a death in the family occurs. Most family members may feel guilty about being happy and celebrating Christmas with a person missing from the table, but this shouldn’t be the case.

Feeling happy again after the passing of a loved one may seem impossible at first, but by adding new traditions to honor their memory during the season can be a great way to cope with the loss. Here are some ideas on new Christmas traditions that will be appropriate to try, even when mourning a loved one:

Idea #1: Decorate Purposefully

Although it might not feel very festive, decorating the house can be a good way to keep morale high, especially if there are children at home. Instead of using the same decorations that you have always used, add memorial ornaments in honor of the loved one who has passed away recently. This will make the family feel as if they are still joining the celebrations, even if they are no longer physically present.

Idea #2: Cook Their Favorite Dish

It can hurt to seem little remembrances of a loved one during Christmas, but cooking their favorite holiday dish can also bring a lot of comfort. The holidays should be filled with pleasant and happy memories, associating your loved ones favorite food during a happy time can be a great way to cope with their loss. Make sure to talk to everyone before proceeding as the smell and taste of a specific dish might trigger some pain in others.

Idea #3: A Toast

Aside from memorial ornaments, dedicating a toast to the loved one’s life and memories can also become a part of the Christmas tradition. This ensures everyone that they will not be forgotten any time soon and that their presence will always be felt like a loving and warm embrace during the holiday season.

Idea #4: Visit Their Gravesite

If the passing is very recent, it can be particularly hard to find happiness and joy during Christmas. Schedule a visit to their resting spot as a family to feel closer towards them. It is very comforting and peaceful to visit as a family unit and it will help with the grieving process to know that even after they have passed, they are still and always will be a part of the family.

Idea #5: Christmas Donations

If the family member had a favorite charity, encourage every member of the family to donate to the charity under their name on Christmas. The holiday is all about giving, and this way you are keeping their name and memory alive in the best and more thoughtful way possible.

Get together as a family on Christmas and build a stronger bond with each other. It can be a painful and heartbreaking moment, but at least you are with the people who love you the most in the world and their support while you grieve will make a difference.

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