Baby trends for 2019

by Danny White | January 18, 2019 11:45 am

If you’re in the process of refreshing your little one’s wardrobe for 2019, it’s a good idea to read up on the latest trends and styles in baby fashion. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest baby trends for the new year right now.

1. Pinstripe dungarees

Pinstripes have seen a resurgence over recent years. The team at Willow & Cole stock charming baby pinstripe dungarees[1] in cloud grey made from 100% cotton that comes with features such as detachable straps and nickel-free popper openings for quick changing.

2. Bird motifs

Images of birds are appearing on kids’ garments more frequently and are often added to items such as diapers, bedding and sleeping bags. Birds have always been a source of fascination among little ones.

3. Teal and berry

If you wish to opt for something a little different from classic colours like pastel blue and pink, consider opting for teal blue or berry pink for a stylish, distinctive look. These colours look great on all sorts of items, including bouncers, bibs, booster seats and more.

4. Breast-shaped bottles

Are you in the process of switching your baby from breast to bottle-feeding? If so, a breast-mimicking bottle may well be the ideal solution. A number of leading brands are now producing their own breast-like bottles to help little ones make the transition more smoothly.

5. Convertible strollers

The all-in-one stroller has become popular with parents across the world over recent years. The idea is that the pushchair is used from the newborn stage right through the end of the toddler years. The vast majority of leading brands now offer at least one convertible stroller.

6. Ingenious feeding solutions

It’s now possible to buy products that thaw out breast milk whilst you are on the move, mixer bottles that store water and formula so you can mix them together when baby is ready for feeding and shoes with indicators which tell you when your child is ready to move up a shoe size.

7. The dominance of grey

Grey has surpassed chocolate brown as the go-to neutral colour for parents of young children and is an increasingly common option for bedding, car seats, bassinets and many more.

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