All You Need to Know About Christening Outfits for Babies

All You Need to Know About Christening Outfits for Babies

Christening ceremonies have been carried out by many communities for many years to name and officially welcome babies to the Christian community. Babies are clothed with christening gowns during baptism. These gowns are usually almost white and can be highly decorated.

Traditional christening gowns passed down in families are usually hand-stitched, embroidered meaningfully and have hand-made laces. Beading and lacing are common decorative features seen on many baptism garments. These gowns are normally made from organza, silk, or satin and are quite long.

Modern christening garments are typically fashioned from cotton or satin. Boys’ outfits include textured vests and tuxedo-style clothes. Casual baptism clothes are simple and elegant. They possess clean, crisp patterns and are shorter than traditional dresses. These casual outfits are constructed from a blend of organza, satin and tulle.

The tradition of wearing special garments during baptism dates back to medieval times. Babies were typically wrapped in a silk fabric with the edges beaded or laced.

Shopping for a Christening Garment

Choosing a christening garment for your baby is a memorable activity. The choice will depend on your personal taste and the following factors:

  1. Religion: There are many Christian denominations that carry out baptism ceremonies. The choice of gown might vary depending on one’s religion. Some religions demand the gown to be white while others allow cream and pastels for the garments.
  2. Cultural traditions: Some cultures add some of their traditional customs into the make of the christening dress. For example, the Irish boys’ garments might have crosses or Celtic knots on the center part, while the girls’ dresses might have elaborate embroidery patterns on the lower part.
  3. Gender of the child: there are different styles for boys and girls. Modern families often opt for a boy’s romper or suit instead of the traditional baptism garment. You can find some unisex gowns in the market too. Girls normally wear dresses.
  4. Budget: It is always important to know how much money you are willing to use before you go shopping. There are so many styles to suit any kind of budget. You can find some designer gowns and lower priced ones.
  5. Fabric: Go for fabrics that are made to breathe easily to assure maximum comfort for your baby.

Where Can I Get a Christening Gown?

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