A Helpful Guide to Choosing a Quality Necktie

A Helpful Guide to Choosing a Quality Necktie

Everybody knows how to use a tie; however, picking the perfect type of time can be challenging. From cut to fabric to the stitching, you will have many considerations before you make a choice. Read this guide to choose a quality tie for yourself or for someone you know:

Consider the Fabric

A quality fabric provides a better knot, shape, and look. A good tie should a material which feels good in your hands and looks a bit rolled at the edges instead of creased. When it comes to ties, the classic high-end material is silk. But, you can also choose wool and cashmere as they feature their own warmth and softness. Also, polyester ties like a memphis tie is a great pick.

Think about the Bias Cut

The material of tie should be cut at a 45-degree angle from the edge to the lower part of the tie. The bias or diagonal cut allows for a nicer shape and better knots. Use the pull test to ensure the tie is cut this way. Tug the tie downwards to stretch it vertically and pull against the fabric diagonally. If it is bias-cut, it should not stretch diagonally.

Consider the Stitch

A necktie is composed of the neck, blade, and tail. Every part is measured and cut and stitched together. A quality tie is hand-stitched instead of machine-stitched. Hand-stitching the tie loosens the slip stitches so that the tie flexes and falls properly.

Check the Sizing

A tie’s ideal width depends on what you wear, your facial proportions, and the occasion. Often, a slimmer tie is about 2” wide. A tie that measures 8-9 cm wide is more conventional. Most modern men will choose a 7-8 cm tie.  A wider tie features more material which allows for bigger knots. Keep in mind that the knot size and width must match the proportions of your shirt and suit.

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