5 Ways to Make Modest Clothes Ultra-Stylish

by Danny White | March 25, 2019 7:22 am

Most people are inclined to believe that modest dressing instantly translates into boring. This is not true at all. A lot of stylists these days say that conservative pieces are actually quite versatile. If you are innovative in your fashion approach, there’s no shortage of stylish possibilities with clothes that cover you up.

For whatever reason that you need to wear modest clothes all the time, know that you are not necessarily a loser in the fashion department; far from it.

On the contrary, your style of dressing can prove to be more exciting and fashion forward. With the right creative tweaks, your conservative pieces can look quite chic. Here are five ways to do just that:

1. Invest in edgy layering pieces.

If you tend to gravitate toward loose maxi dresses such as a modern abaya[1] and shapeless caftans, you can make them look more contemporary by layering them with a leather or denim jacket that cuts right on the hip. Such layering pieces can give your outfit a whole new vibe and character.

As conservative as your base outfit may be, most people will likely overlook your personal dress code and instead, think that your OOTD is simply a well-thought-out ensemble.

2. Choose flattering cuts for your body.

If you understand how your body looks, it will be so much easier to pick the right cuts of clothing to wear, even if your selection is mostly restricted to long skirts and tops. If you have a long and elegant neck, you definitely will look sophisticated wearing turtleneck and mock neck tops.

Now, if you are short and you need to wear long skirts, opt for ankle- and floor-length skirts. They are the best lengths for petite women. And, of course, wear the right footwear. For floor-length skirts, high heels are a must to avoid tripping on the extra fabric. For ankle-lengths, on the other hand, you can get away with sandals and ankle boots with a bit of a heel.

3. Be playful with accessories.

Accessories can provide modest clothing such as those “avant-modest” modern Ethiopian dresses[2] with a new character. Chunky necklaces and big earrings are actually fashion faves for women who adhere to a conservative dress code.

Do experiment with belts as well. Try layering skinny belts, use sashes or an obi, or wear a thick leather belt. They can break a solid color and at the same time, create a nicer silhouette for the outfit.

And, do not forget a hat or any headwear. Hats are so fashionable yet women do not wear them enough to complete their outfits.

4. Choose colors that pop.

Modest pieces do not always need to be neutral colors. It’s completely fine to opt for hues that you know flatter your skin tone or bring out the natural color of your eyes. And, when you choose bright colors, do not be afraid to mix and match to create a more visually pleasing ensemble.

5. Experiment with patterns, prints, and textures as well.

Combining these can really take your modest clothing several notches up the style meter. But this styling strategy can be a bit tricky. There’s always the risk that the whole outfit will look too busy. Here are smart rules to follow:

You can approach modest dressing in a variety of ways, so be adventurous with it and create your own unique styles that make you feel beautiful, as well as confident.


Ethiopian-born and Dubai-based fashion designer Feiruza Mudessir discovered her curiosity to mix the traditional with contemporary at a young age, and this has become the trademark of her designs today. When you slip into one of Feiruza’s creations, you can almost hear the rhythms of Africa, the beats of India and the vibrancy of Dubai – this distinctive and colourful mélange is just what Finchitua is about.

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