Monday, 27 June 2016

Best Kept Secrets of the Pacific Ocean

Guest post: written by the amazing travel blogger Nicole from High Style Life! 

"If you are looking for a perfect place to spend your holiday, head to the Pacific Ocean islands. Sun-kissed waters and vast wildlife will leave you enchanted. Whether travelling with friends, a partner or going on a holiday with children, you will find these islands perfect.

Discover the volcanic Vanuatu

Vanuatu is the place to go if you are seeking a holiday full of adventure. You can go surfing, stand up paddle boarding, scuba diving and have the unique opportunity to dive on shipwrecks. Locals are really friendly and fluent in English and French, be sure to engage in their arts and crafts making process.

See the pristine beaches at Samoa

There are 10 Samoa islands you need to check out, Lalomanu beach is particularly amazing and you'll have the time of your life. There are mountains if you feel like climbing and the local villages  brimming with flowers and are totally romantic.

New Caledonia is the place to go

New Caledonia is the hidden gem of the Pacific and is often called the Paris of the Pacific due to its history and culture. Locals are fluent in French and have many native languages but you'll be able to communicate with them in English. You can try out windsurfing, visit Anse Vata (the favourite beach among both locals and tourists) swim in the perfect waters and enjoy some of the most amazing sunsets you have ever seen. 

Explore the Easter islands

Rapa Nui or Easter Islands are famous for the tall carved figures. If you like archaeology you will enjoy your stay at this picturesque place. Ahu Tongariki is the place to visit if you feel like exploring the figures with a magnificent view of the islands; or go to Rano Raraku situated at a volcanic crater which you can enjoy by the lake.

See the heart-shaped island of Tupai

Those of you who are thinking of having a romantic holiday should definitely visit Tupai. This heart shape island is perfect for spending an intimate holiday with your beloved one, especially for diving and swimming in translucent waters.

Enjoy like Marlon Brando in Tetiaroa

Movie lovers will love to visit the famous Marlon Brando’s island of Tetiaroa. The island is completely eco-friendly and visiting it helps the community promote their values and protect the environment. Be sure to try out scuba diving and get to see the magnificent wildlife.''

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Monday, 20 June 2016

Playing With Shadows

This is one of those fail safe outfits- a white shirt, blue jeans and Kurt Geiger heels is such an easy combination! Sunny days in Edinburgh are my favourite for shooting- shadows add such a depth to photos and my camera's settings are so much easier to manipulate. I visited my usual photo-taking location yesterday (the one with the big pink and brown buildings) but it's been closed for construction- such a shame because the buildings are beautiful and it's so nostalgic from my late teens. I found this little lane though which I can shoot in for now. I've actually been looking into buying a new Nikon camera body if anyone has any recommendations? 

Shirt ASOS similar here
Jeans Topshop here
Heels Kurt Geiger (sale now on!) similar here and here
Sunglasses ASOS here

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Friday, 17 June 2016

Easy Summer Recipes + Gym Wear

It's officially bikini season! I'm really not one for diets but I try to cut back on the masses of chocolate I normally eat and renew my very unused gym membership. I've found that food preparation really helps so below are a couple of meals or snacks which keep me away from junk food:

Prawn, avocado and sun dried tomato salad
Wholemeal wrap chips with tomato and basil salsa
Sweet potato curry with cumin and paprika
As far as exercise, I'm awful at the gym so I instead opt for yoga or dance classes- I also find that cute but high quality workout clothes increase my motivation and add more fun to exercising. Below are my top picks from my favourite retailer Lole:

Blue and Black Bra here
Jacket here
Turquoise Bra here
Leggings here

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