Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Perfect Boots

These were taken very quickly before a driving lesson on Saturday, so apologies for the awful quality. We're still experiencing extremely dull weather here and there's few photo editing tools which can counteract it!

On another note, how amazing are these Dune boots? They were a Christmas gift which I've finally got round to wearing. The heel sits at 4cm but is surprisingly comfortable and, lets face it, you can't go wrong with black suede and lace. I dressed relatively casual for my first wear of them but I'm anticipating many future outfits with long dresses, A-line skirts and peasant blouses. Unfortunately this exact pair have been discontinued but I've found some dupes below:

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Monday, 1 February 2016

Monday Blues

Jacket Topshop/ Scarf Zara (similar here)/ Sunglasses ASOS/ Bag Vintage/ Jeans ASOS here/ Boots New Look here

As freezing as I was when taking these photos, I can't deny snow is the best lighting to shoot in. I was back to old habits wearing a teddy fur jacket and chunky boots over the weekend, it was pretty uneventful but who wants to leave the house when there's a blizzard outside? The outfit is admittedly pretty boring aside from the green bag I've rediscovered recently when visiting my parents' house. My aunt bought it from a Croatian designer a few years ago: the colour is very dimmed down in my photos but it's the ideal shape, size and colour of leather to brighten up the miserable weather we've been experiencing.

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Friday, 22 January 2016

Campus Dressing

Jacket Topshop here/ Scarf Zara/ Shirt Zara similar here/ Trousers ASOS here/ Boots M&S/ Bag Zara
If you can't tell from my hand clenching in these photos, the weather still hasn't improved. I've now given up all effort to plan outfits and have resorted to wearing a black puffer jacket, jeans and walking boots everyday. Thankfully I managed some outfit shots before this phase: I've been trying to switch out my jeans for trousers and this ASOS pair are ideal. The green scarf/rug is a past purchase from Zara and- as you can imagine- has been amazing in winter.

Aside from recent lazy dressing, my second semester has began and I find myself facing a similar issue since first year. How do you dress to University? It's not a huge consideration (especially when I have 9am starts) but I do often find myself searching my wardrobe before class. There's a clear recent trend in students to wear gym clothes around campus- most commonly leggings, trainers and a Canadian Goose jacket. I understand why it's so popular as most of my friends hit the gym in their free periods and, obviously, gym gear is very comfortable. But I just can't seem to conform... Maybe it's my lack of branded trainers and the fact I don't even own gym leggings. What's your typical University outfit? 

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