Thursday, 21 May 2015

Updates and Travel Experiences

So we're nearing the end of May and finally summer is nearing. Exams are finished and my European travels are starting on Sunday! We're heading to Paris, London and then Amsterdam mid-June. Wanderlust has really struck me this year and my typical purchasing passion of clothes and shoes has shifted to buying into experiences, rather than material items. 

Paris is a four day long trip so I'll be squeezing my outfits into a cabin suitcase; unfortunately, this means not all my summer clothes will make the cut. I've been ridiculously organised and already planned my day/night outfits, but hopefully there will be leftover room for a few more pairs of shoes. My travel buddy is amazing behind a camera so expect some Parisian posts soon enough.

What are your summer travel plans? Do you plan what you're going to pack?

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Perfect Pelmet

skirt ASOS HERE now on sale!/ shirt Zara/ bag Vintage/ sunglasses Topshop/ boots ASOS
Calling all leopard print enthusiasts... This pelmet skirt is now on sale!
 I finally had the chance to wear it on the rare warm day here in Edinburgh. I find animal prints can sometimes look borderline tacky but this piece's large shapes and A-line style ensure that's not the case. Teamed with a white shirt and black boots this is my ideal outfit for a sunny day, unfortunately I'll have to wait a couple of weeks for weather like this again.
I'm heading to Paris and London at the end of May so expect some touristy shots here on the blog! I'll reveal more in my next post and any recommendations are appreciated.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Pyjama Shirts

shirt ASOS HERE/ jeans Topshop HERE/ shoes ASOS/ bag Mango/ sunglasses ASOS HERE

So I'm still in that comfortable, exam-dressing stage... 
As per usual, I've been buying a little too much (when you've been inside all day looking at books, online shopping happens) but it allowed me to find this perfect shirt. Black and white stripes are something I definitely wear too much of; comfortable and one of the few patterns that don't clash with my blonde ends. Although, I always receive at least one comment along the lines of "is that a pyjama shirt?''

What do you think of stripes? Boring, or classic?

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Lace Boots and Tartan

jacket ASOS HERE/ shirt Vintage/ jeans Topshop HERE/ boots last season ASOS/ bag Scotsburn Croft

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, one exam down (two to go) so I've had my head buried in books the past weeks.
A relatively standard outfit here, although there's an exciting new addition to my closet: The Scotsburn Croft handbag. They have a variety of designs to choose from, the pieces are extremely well made and they even stock cute makeup bags to match. Check them out here if you fancy a tartan accessories update.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Tiring of Jeans

sunglasses ASOS/ top and bottoms Zara/ bag Mango/ jacket Topshop/ shoes
I'm in that phase of avoiding jeans: exam season has me craving soft jumpers with leggings and the typically uncomfortable jean material doesn't cut it. I tend to shy away from cigarette style trousers because they're usually extremely unflattering on me in comparison to skinny jeans, this pair from Zara however are the ideal compromise and their fitted style is surprisingly complimentary.
But best of all, they are so comfortable to wear.
The suede cami was bought on the same Zara trip and I can't wait to shop the rest of their collection. Think safari inspired beiges and creams with the stores classic minimal cuts; once again, all hail Zara.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Scottish Beach Dressing

coat Zara/ tshirt Zara/ jeans ASOS/ shoes ASOS/ bag Mango/ sunglasses Mango

There's sun in my photos, I can't believe it! The weather has been surprisingly great in Edinburgh, however a trip to the beach still needed a warm jacket. I recently posted this new Zara coat and I'm continuing to adjust to the colour: wearing pink clothing still makes me feel like a ten year old. What do you think of it? Pink is definitely out of my comfort zone, particularly because I have blonde ends that exaggerate its girliness...

Aside from sunny but simultaneously cold days by the seaside, I'm now officially on exam leave. I cannot believe how fast second year has flown by, it feels like yesterday I was choosing my courses! So many things have changed since first year though and my attitude towards University is definitely now more positive. I'm thinking of doing a reflections post regarding my thoughts and experiences on further education, if you think that would be interesting/helpful?