Saturday, 25 July 2015

Red Flames ft. Barcelona

top River Island/ trousers Topshop last season / bag Mango/ heels ASOS / sunglasses ASOS

I've just returned from my short retreat to Barcelona and, as lovely as it is to be home, I'm missing the sun and sand already. It truly is the most amazing city I've visited; for someone with a love of architecture the buildings are beautiful, the beach is great and with the addition of eating tapas everyday, what could be more perfect?  I'm still longing for the fresh seafood and patatas bravas.

As for the outfit, what do you think of the trousers? I feel like they're a piece I can only get away with in a hot climate, the red crumpled material just doesn't have the same effect in grey or rainy weather. Initially I thought teaming them with leopard print sunglasses and heel would be too much, but the plain silk top and messy holiday hair seem to have toned the outfit down. I'm still learning how to use my new lens (adjusting aperture etc is a little different to my old one) but I have a few more outfits from my trip which will be uploaded soon enough.
Let me know what you think of the trousers in the comments below.. too bold for a summer holiday?

PS! I've finnally got instagram @the_fashion_road (currently on 0 followers..)

Friday, 17 July 2015

Awkward Culottes

shirt Zara/ culottes Zara SIMILAR HERE/ sunglasses ASOS/ bag Urban Outfitters/ shoes Zara

 At last, I got round to wearing these culottes. I picked them up in last years Zara sale but they seemed to have gotten lost in the flat move. Culottes are something I love the look of; when girls style them with chunky sandals and denim jackets they look great. They're such a cool transition piece between seasons and are honestly the comfiest thing to wear, but I just don't seem to suit them! Even this plain, black silk pair look and feel annoyingly awkward on me. What do you think of them?

On another note, I'm heading to Barcelona on Saturday for some sun before I start my new job. I've already packed and planned my summer outfits.. is that sad? Don't judge, you can't wear shorts and skirts in Edinburgh, it's far too cold. I'm also going to begin my HTML, analytics etc blogging tips that I mentioned in my last post; I've yet to decide on a title for the series but there's helpful tips coming soon! XX

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Wardrobe Rediscoveries

jacket ASOS HERE/ cami ASOS HERE/ skirt Topshop/ sandals Clarks/ bag Mango

My new lens has finally arrived! I'm still adjusting to it so hopefully my photos will gradually improve in my next few posts.
This was my intended outfit for my boyfriends' graduation yesterday (I changed my mind last minute, walking around Edinburgh in heeled sandals wasn't the smartest idea) but I'll definitely wear the skirt again soon. I found it while unpacking old clothes, it's probably more of an Autumn/Winter piece because of the deep colours but will be perfect for the darker days we have here.

I'm heading into my last week as a marketing intern and I don't want to leave; the people, the work itself and general company culture will especially be missed. On the plus side, I've experienced so much that can help with blogging in the future and I'm thinking of doing a series on here covering what I've learnt. Will talk more about that next time! X


Sunday, 5 July 2015

My top 5 Tips for Sale Shopping

So it's that time of year again- the sales have hit and clothes in every high street store are being offered at discounted prices. As someone who despises crowded shops, I've created my top 5 tips to help with shopping these manic stores to ensure you get the pieces you want!

1. Buy Basics
Sales are the perfect time to stock up on cheap basics that you wouldn't necessarily buy otherwise. Think camisole tops, shirts and denim jeans. These items are always handy to have in your wardrobe and you'll save a lot of money buying them discounted.

2. Save the Date
Sale times are predictable so keep this in mind! I never buy clothes in the month of May because I know they start mid-June and, lets face it, there's nothing worse than buying something which we later find half price. I normally create a 'saved for later' or 'wishlist' on my favourite online retailers (ASOS make this particularly easy to do) so as soon as the sales hit, I can log on and buy the things I need at a less expensive price. \

3. Supplies for Next Season
Alongside all the current seasonal pieces you've been wanting to buy, I'd recommend also purchasing a few things to keep for next season. For instance, I often buy cheaper jackets in the sale and keep them until the colder months begin; I know I'll definitely need them (Scottish weather) and it means I don't need to buy the £80+ designs which are released that year. Jumpers and knits are also great pieces to stock up on during sale time.\

4. The 'Just Because' Rule
This is probably my greatest downfall and something I've tried to improve upon; never buy 'just because.' I have too many pieces in my wardrobe that are either the wrong size or shape for me; normally purchased because the price seemed too good to miss out on! 

5. Online Shopping
Unless you're someone who enjoys rummaging through piles of clothes in busy shops, online sale shopping is a much easier alternative. You can easily filter the size and style you're looking for which reduces the risk of that 'just because' mistake and obviously means you can find suitable things faster. Annoyingly many retailers still charge postage but often during sale times they reduce this cost to encourage more purchases; for me personally paying postage is worth it to avoid frantic sale shoppers.
Hopefully some of these tips come in handy! I'm currently waiting on a new lens arriving so I've been unable to shoot any outfits recently. It's due to arrive on Monday so I'll have lots of new posts coming soon XX